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Web Maintenance and Support

We help organizations ensure that their websites and applications remain up-to-date, functioning correctly, and performing optimally over time.

Our team of experienced web maintenance and support specialists has the skills and expertise to help your website or application stay in top shape, using a variety of technologies and tools. Our web maintenance and support process begins with an in-depth consultation to understand your maintenance and support needs and goals. From there, we provide ongoing maintenance and support to ensure that your website or application remains up-to-date and functioning correctly. This includes installing and configuring security measures to protect your website or application from cyber threats, optimizing the performance of your website or application, and updating and maintaining the content of your website or application.

Some of the technologies we use to provide web maintenance and support include

  • Bug tracking and management tools such as Jira and Asana
  • Security tools such as SSL certificates and firewalls
  • Performance optimization tools such as Webpagetest, Calibre, Atatus, GTmetrix and PageSpeed Insights
  • Content management systems such as Contentful, Duda, WordPress and Drupal

With our Web Maintenance and Support service, you can be confident that your website or application stays in top shape, driving traffic and sales to your business.