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About knfrmd.

knfrmd. was spun out of Konfirmed Creative Studio, a web development, marketing and analytics agency based in Ottawa, Ontario. With a goal of reducing user frustration experienced on the web.

Working together, knfrmd. can create a blueprint that puts your users first, with future growth, interoperability and enhanced reliability requirements in mind. Let's help you with your Web Architecture.


Web & Domain Hosting

This is an important step in the process, acquiring your location on the web. Think of it as real estate.

Website Creation

What do you want to build? Basic Website, Corporate Website, eCommerce Store, bring it on.

Technical SEO

So here is the thing, it really depends, this territory comes with experience and research. Its ever changing, let's do the work for you.

Marketing Automation

Think about all of your marketing efforts, now think about the processes being automated. Now think about sales.