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Knfrmd Services

Are you loosing your online visitors to your competitors?

Does your website takes forever to load?

User frustration on the web is a regular phenomenon almost everyone experiences. At Knfrmd, we care about every step of the user journey.

Striving to solving performance problems by focusing on user experiences across the web.

With our performance-first approach to the web, we ensure that web projects are built and tested again Core Web Vitals and in-house metrics

Our goal is to find innovative ways to keep your users engaged through the relevant information gathered through web analytics, well-thought-out marketing automation strategies, Email marketing, Social Media Marketing, and SEO best practices.

Our team works together to ensure our clients get the most relevant tips on how to improve their web projects.

Web Development

We have a team of engineers with experience in Front and Back end Technologies ready to help you accomplish your web project goals regardless of what they are.

Technical SEO

The territory is constantly evolving, requiring a certain level of experience. Our team of SEOs will work together to optimise your ranking while providing useful recommendations for your team.

Web Analytics

Collecting information about your website and its users is crucial to providing the best user experience. We help you implement, track, audit, and report the information to help our clients make informed business decisions.

Marketing Automation

Being able to communicate with a large number of your audience and clients while saving time is paramount to the growth and reputation of your business. Let set up and manage your communication process.