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DotCA project offers the latest information for Nigerians,Ghanaians, Ivorians, and other countries from the Western region of Africa in Canada.


AdeBeauty is a skin and hair care brand aiming to make effective products with natural ingredients.


WaysToFindX helps to uncover mathematical principles using easy-to-understand methods.
Join us on a journey to find X, who seems to be missing.


ItsaKthing encompasses everything K-Pop & K-Drama. It aims to provide all K fans and enthusiasts with Korean-related merchandise like apparel, accessories and more.

Naija Noona

Naija Noona writes entertaining reviews about Kdramas.

CWV Top 1000 Websites (CRUX)

World CRuX report is a dashboard overview of the top 1000 Websites across the globe based on the Chrome User Experience Report(CRuX).