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Last Modified: 2021-08-05
Knfrmd - Pre knfrmd.
Design, Development
Design, Development

knfrmd. was formerly called Konfirmed Inc. in its inception in 2009. It was a Graphic and Web Design Company with affiliations with student bodies in Canada.

In 2010, Konfirmed Inc. acquired a recording studio in Lagos, Nigeria and Konfirmed Records was born. Also, in 2010, Konfirmed Inc. made contributions to the Gidilounge, a music streaming platform.

In 2011, Konfirmed Inc. launched a few online blogs and Konfirmed Media was born.

In 2015, Konfirmed Inc. became Konfirmed Creative Studio, helping small businesses build their online presence. From content creation to graphic and web design. Over time Konfirmed Creative Studio provided more services, including Marketing & Analytics and Web Performance.

In 2021, Konfirmed Creative Studio morphed into knfrmd. providing primary web services and tutorials build a better web